Krups Blender Review

The Krups blender motor is really good in concept, but poor quality reports make us wonder whether Krups has perfected this engine. Extreme consumer reviews raise many questions.

The Krupps blender features a new motor design called Technik, which keeps the blades spinning at a constant rpm. What this means is that the blades won’t slow down as you add more ingredients, so that you makeĀ a smoother and more consistent blend. In theory this sounds great, but in practice it seems that Krups is getting mixed results with its blender than Osterizer Blender.

Many owners feel that the engine is very powerful and love the low sound levels and strength of the constant speed motor. But, on the other hand, there are many reports of major problems with engine power and a lot of owners say that the blender does little more than a stirring spoon. 36% of the total reviews are either a 1 or 2 out of 5 stars. There were also a lot of reports of the bottom falling off and ingredients spilling all over the counter. Now that’s a bad day.

Such extremes in viewpoints generally indicate some quality issues. So until Krupps puts out an updated version of the KB720 model or ups the quality control on its engine, then we can’t really recommend this blender. We expect much better quality and reliability out of a blender in the $130 range.

The Good

  • Good power output – if you don’t get one of the lemons, the Krups blender works fantastic with its constant speed Technik engine.
  • Easy to clean – the front panel is easy to wipe down and all parts are dishwasher safe
  • Good pitcher – strong, sturdy and high capacity
  • Stable – the Krups doesn’t bounce around
  • Precise control – 5 control settings, including ice crush and pulse
  • Quiet – Tests show that the Krups blender is half as loud as most blenders on the market.


The Bad

  • Power issues – if you get one of the blenders with quality control issues, it will cause major problems and headaches.
  • Bottom falls off – again, major headaches, especially if you are in a hurry trying to get out the door. Of course there are only a small percentage of machines that have this issue, but you may be one of those unlucky few.


The Krups Blender comes in the following model:

Average Consumer Rating
Number of Reviews



The Krups blender has five speeds and a pulse function that can be used at any speed to ensure accurate blending. At 1,000 watts it is one of the more powerful blenders on the market. It has an ice crushing button and an automatic pulse feature. Speed and power are kept constant through Krups’ specially designed electronic motor control system. The motor, called Technik, stays at a constant speed no matter how strong and thick the load of ingredients. So for lesser loads it uses less power but stays at the same speed, and its power increases with heavier loads. It also controls the rpm’s of the blades, which results in less noise. Tests show that the Krups KB720 blender is half as loud as most blenders on the market. May you like to know how to make a smoothie.

The Krups borosilicate glass jar is thermal and shock resistant and has a lid that is waterproof and locks into place. The cap on the lid is removable and has measuring marks on it for 1 and 2 ounces.

The metal base of the blender is die cast and has illuminated touch pad controls that are easy to clean. The blades of the machine also detach, making for easy cleaning as well.

The blender also comes with a full color recipe book with over 50 recipes.


Features Table

Price $130.00 – $140.00
Capacity 60 ounces
Number of Speeds 5
Jar Material Glass
Power 1000 watts
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions Height: 14 inches, Length: 6.5″, Depth:14.75″
Weight 11 pounds
Warranty 1 year
Colors Graphite gray and brushed stainless steel
Ice Crusher Yes
Pulse Function Yes
Digital Display No
Preprogrammed Settings No
Timer No
Food Processor Attachments No
Included Recipes Yes
Cord Storage No



Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Many owners talk about how quiet the Krups blender is. They also like the large the large, sturdy glass jar and say it is less prone to scratching. They also like the tight locking lid. Owners who wrote positive reviews felt that the power of the blender was good, and when it overheats, it will automatically shut down to protect the engine. Owners also say the blender is easy to operate with the 5 button controls.


Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

Many reviewers had trouble with the constant speed engine feature, saying it doesn’t ramp up fast enough to blend harder foods and frozen fruits very well. One reviewer said the poor spout was not very good, that food and drink drip down the side of the jar when you blend. The latch-on top also seems to be hard to clean as food gets trapped in hard to reach areas. There were also some reports of the jar coming loose from the blade assembly after blending, causing everything in the jar to spill all over the place.